Banana Master Kit

Ganna Master Banana Master Kit | Products for One Acre | Total of 6 Sprays, 2 Drenching and 2 Drips | Strong and Healthy Plant.…

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Banana Master Kit comes with a total of 6 sprays, 2 drenching and 2 drips.

So the following things benefit.

1) Vigorous and abundant values improve soil texture.

2) Strong growth of stumps and healthy plants.

3) Increases leaf length, width and elasticity.

4) Increases the size and weight of the bunch.

5) Sustainable and increases the production.

Banana. Integrated work of master kit

1. Early and vigorous roots appear in the early stages of banana.

2. Constantly changing environment, temperature fluctuations, increased salinity, more or less salinity, water stress, water retention, etc. Under adverse conditions, the crop grows fast and healthy.

3. Banana peel becomes hard and thick.

4. Increases leaf length, width and thickness.

5. it rapidly absorbs the nutrient and transport to plant easily

6. Accelerates cell division and photosynthesis.

7. By drenching and spraying of this kit increases the number of bananas per bunch and also increases the length of the banana bunch well.

8. Banana crop becomes pruned and increases immunity against diseases and pests.

9. The size of a bunch of bananas increases considerably, resulting in the expected yield.

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Dimensions 33 × 18 × 17 cm
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