Ginger Master Kit

Ganna Master Kit for Ginger | 3 Products for half an Acre 3 Sprays and 4 Drenching | Work Increases Resistance In Plants…

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Ginger Master Kit

3 products for half an acre 3 sprays and 4 drenching

Combined functions of the kit:

1. The use of the kit results in thick stem and plenty of white roots.

2. New coaches come in handy.

3. The number of bursts increases.

4. Fertilizers are used well to speed up the process of food absorption.

5. Spraying increases the length and width of the leaves. The rate of photosynthesis increases and the plant’s ability to make food increases.

6. The use of the kit at the foot stage results in thick sturdy footways. The growth of the shoots was rapid.

7. The nutrients produced in the leaves go away rapidly and the size of the tuber increases.

8. Increases resistance in plants.

9. The leaves remain green for a long time and the yield increases.

10. Production also increases with the use of ginger kit to ginger ratoons.

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