Master Recover

Ganna Master Recover Sugarcane Special | Useful for any Adverse Conditions of Weather, Excess Rainfall, Drought, Disease and Pests Cause Stunted Growth of Crops.…


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Master Recover

1. Extremely useful for any adverse coditions of weather, excess rainfall, drought, disease and pests cause stunted growth of crops.

2. Highly effective for especially crops in loamy, saline, calcareous, alkaline, acidic soils.

3. The crop becomes pruned and looks fresh.

Excessive or improper use of pesticides and fungicides removes the weakness of the crop.

5. Other nutrients and mainly start absorbing and transporting phosphorus rapidly.

6. Quality of flowers and fruits remain good which to be sent to distant markets.

7. Extremely useful for sugarcane as well as other crops, leafy vegetables, fruits and vegetables.

Mode of application-

500 ml To 1 liter of 200 liters of water with 3 to 4% urea.

Only use urea, avoid other NPK fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides

9cm x9cm x24cm
1.400 Kg

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 24 cm
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