Onion Master Kit

Ganna Master Onion Master Kit | Four Sprays | Help Weight Gain | Improve Quality.…

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Onion Master Kit

It contains four sprays

it adds Abundant value to the crops

helps in Weight gain

it makes crop Strong and sharp

it make the leaves more greenish

yields High quality onion

High production

reduces cost of cultivation


1. Onions have abundant, thick and long roots.

2. Increases the amount of active values increases the absorption, transport and utilization of primary, secondary and micronutrients.

3. Increases cell division and photosynthesis and increases the thickness of leaves and onions.

4. The crop is less susceptible to diseases and pests.

6. As the size and weight of onion increases, there is a substantial increase in production. 7. Increases the storage capacity of onion in onion chal.

8. Onion quality improves and onion gets good price as it can be sent to distant markets.

Box Size
20 cm x10cm x24cm
Wt.2.450 Kg

Weight 2.450 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 24 cm
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