Turmeric Master Kit

Ganna Master Turmeric Master Kit | 3 Products for One Acre | 3 Sprays and 2 Drenching | Improve Growth.…

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Turmeric Master Kit

3 products for one acre 3 sprays and 2 drenching

Combined functions of the kit:

1. This kit improves the germination capacity of seed.

2. Values sprout early and the growth of values is vigorous.

3. Frequent changes in temperature, fluctuations in temperature, increased and decreased salinity, water stress, water retention, etc. Under adverse conditions, the crop grows fast and healthy.

4. Soil nutrients are made available to the crop immediately. The absorption, transport and utilization of nutrients increases rapidly.

5. Spraying increases the length and width of the leaves. The rate of photosynthesis increases and the plant’s ability to make food increases.

6. The use of kit in the footwear stage results in thick, sturdy tillers. The growth of the shoots get rapidly.

7. The use of kits makes turmeric crop resistant to pests and diseases.

8. Drenching helps to nourish the soil as it makes the soil fertile. As the length of the turf increases, so does the thickness.

9. Suitable for regular and non-toxic turmeric production.

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