Fruit Fly Trap With Lure

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Useful in Cucurbitaceae family vegetables such as Water melon, Musk melon, Bottle gourd, Ridge gourd, Bitter gourd, Cucumber etc.


  • Set a pheromone trap before the flowering starts
  • It will be easier to control the number of pests in the fields.
  • Change the Lure After 45 days .
  • Best trapper Used for crops like Water melon, musk melon, ridge gourd, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, etc
  • Good for home Gardening and Farmers to make there plant free from fruit flies.
  • This trap only attract targeted Pest , Not Harmful for Beneficial Farm Insects like Honey bees , Lady bug , Praying Mantids , etc
  • Weather Proof and long Lasting / Leak Proof Pouch Design of melon fruit fly catcher (Fly Lure) Made with 99.99% Pure Blends Which attract Male & Female Both Files.



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